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So, you need a website. Starting a new business and need to spread the word out and look for new clients? Updating an old site that is no longer up to date since it does not show well on a smartphone? Need a landing page to attract new clients through your sales funnel? Or just creating a personal blog?

I am here to help you with your new website. I am developing dozens of websites every year, and with so many fantastic technologies and instruments we can create you a responsive website that will look great on desktop, tablet and smartphone.

Start with the goal

The main thing to keep in mind when building your website is your goal – what you want to achieve, and where you want to arrive, what your customers expect to find on your website, how will it help them in their business, work, or life.

Start with a goal
Create the content

Create the content

With your goal and expectations of your customers defined it is time to create the content for your website and put it in a structure. Your existing material (ads, flyers, product specs) could serve as your initial content to launch your website.

Create the website

When you have your goals, structure and content it is much easier to go on to actually create a website – choose its design, adapt to your needs, and finally put it on the web.

I am here to help you with your website.

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What I can do for you:

Start with a goal

Help to define your goals

When building a website we will start with discussing your business goals, and how your website will help you in reaching your goals.

Propose structure and design of the website

Propose structure & design

Based on your industry and your goals I can propose you the most relevant structure of your future website, and offer several design options.

Create the content

Create the content

Content is king on the internet, and you sure have some content to start with – your ads, flyers, product specs or service descriptions.

Adapt content for website

Adapt the content

I will help you with adapting your content to be able to reach your goals with your website, and to satisfy the requirements of search engines.

Create business website

Set-up your website

I can help you to register your domain, buy a hosting, set-up your website and install your chosen theme (template) and necessary plugins.

Add content to website

Add content to website

I will upload your content to your website according to the chosen structure, add images and icons when needed to make it look great.

Fine tune the content

Fine tune your website

I will tweak your new website to boost its performance, security, visibility to search engines, and make sure it looks good on a smartphone.

Add languages to website

Multilingual website

Reaching out to the world? I live in a multilingual environment and perfectly understand how to create multilingual websites.​

My work

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