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Create structure of your website

2. Create structure of your website and choose design

With your goals in mind and your analysis of competitor websites in hand you are ready to create the structure of your website.

Draw the structure of your pages on a piece of paper, or make it more visual with a mind mapping tool such as XMind Zen. Here how your website structure may look like:

While working on the structure keep in mind that you will need to create sufficient content to populate all the sections of your website. Here you can also prioritize and choose first the essential sections that you will start with while leaving the rest for the next iteration.

In parallel you may already be looking for design templates that you like. You may start with popular WordPress themes repositories like Envato and Template Monster.

One important note to consider here. With WordPress theme you have today two major options – to go with a classic WP theme, or choose a page builder.

Page builders like Elementor and Divi offer small businesses an option to easily create and update websites with visual editors, almost like you do in your text editor, allowing to modify and customize all parts of your website without the knowledge of HTML or CSS.