Website backup

Backup is a copy of the files that are stored apart from the original files. The purpose of backup is to allow you to quickly and inexpensively restore information that has been accidentally or intentionally altered, deleted or corrupted.

Having regular backups for your website is extremely important as it allows to restore your website to the state it was before without losing data. Accidental human error, plugin or theme incompatibility, hacker attack – there are many reasons why a website can go down. Having a recent backup of your website gives you peace of mind.

Many hosting providers offer backup of your website. It may be monthly or daily. There is a difference on how many copies of backups are stored. For example, if you have a daily backup, but there is only one copy stored, that means if your website was compromised 3 days ago, you will not have a good copy available.

How often do you need to have backups of your business website?

This depends on what kind of a website you have, and how often you do the changes.

If your website is static, and you only do changes once in a couple of months, then monthly backup will be enough.

If you publish posts daily, edit pages, or collect comments, then daily backups will be needed.

And if you have a large ecommerce store with transactions happening every minute, then you will need to have continuous incremental backups, that will save all changes to your website and database almost continuously.