An autofunnel is a step-by-step scenario that a person goes through from the first visit to the purchase without a salesperson. A marketer sets up an autofunnel once, and then only works to increase its conversion rate.

Why do we need autofunnels

Most customers are not ready to buy your product or service right away. It takes a few taps to turn website visitors into buyers, which will take them through all the steps of the sales funnel.

Autofunnel is needed to automate this process and reduce human involvement to a minimum.

The auto sales funnel allows you to:

  • warm up the customer;
  • to introduce your offer;
  • show benefits;
  • build confidence;
  • Increase the average check with the help of additional sales.

Advantages of auto-tickets:

  • You set it up once, and then the system works automatically;
  • You do not need salespeople or managers to work with an autofunnel – it does everything by itself. You save money and resources.

Elements of auto-funnels

Lead magnet. A free product, whose task is to get the client’s contact information and introduce them to the business. It can be a checklist, an instruction manual, a short video or a small book.

Tripwire. A cheap product that resonates with a lead magnet and is of interest to customers. The price of a tripwire is so attractive to the client that he is willing to pay. There is no specific cost here – in certain business niches, the price can go as high as $1,000 or even higher.

What a tripwire does:

  • Gives the client a sense that it’s okay to work with you;
  • opens up the client’s pain, warms him up before the main purchase;
  • creates a wow effect: “I bought this for $2. What will it be for $100 then?”

Core product. This is what the lead magnet and tripwire prepared the user for. The core product in this chain is the most expensive.

The profit maximizers are the additional products and services you can offer with the purchase of the main product.

The return path. It’s great if a person comes to you again and again after a purchase. Help him in this – give an important incentive to come back and order again. A return path will help with this. Its purpose is for the customer to come back to the store or website after the main purchase.