File Transfer Protocol

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is an access protocol designed to transfer files to servers. In simple words, FTP allows you to view the contents of folders on a remote web server, same as you can see your files on your local computer.

When FTP is needed

If you have a business website, most often it is hosted with your hosting provider. In daily operations you normally will not need to use FTP. If you are like most small businesses, you will have a Content management system to edit the content of your website (e.g. WordPress). FTP will be used mainly when you need to change, edit, delete or upload files directly to your server.

Your developer will also need FTP access to be able to edit, add and remove files directly on the server, as it is often not possible to do through a CMS.

How to use FTP?

Normally your hosting provider will allow you to create FTP accounts from your hosting dashboard. Next you will need an FTP client to access files on your hosting server. Some examples of FTP clients for your computer are CyberDuck and Filezilla.

If your website developer needs an FTP access you can go to your hosting panel, and create a new account. Then send the username, password, and connection details to your developer.