Buyer Persona

Buyer Persona: A fictional representation of a business’s ideal customer, based on demographic, behavioral, and psychographic data.

Why do we need a customer profile

To sell a product, you need to articulate its values and benefits and then communicate them to potential customers. On the one hand, it’s a simple task: describe the product, offer a good price, and you’ll have a waiting list of people who want it. On the other hand, however, everything is much more complicated.

Each person relies on different factors when choosing a product, such as cost, appearance, features, service, feedback from other buyers and more. Therefore, it is critical to know the preferences, interests and pains of your target audience. Understanding who your potential customer is helps with the following tasks:

  • Identify purchase triggers;
  • Build communication in the right way;
  • Create more relevant offers and creatives;
  • to target your advertising to your target audience;
  • avoid unnecessary costs for attracting non-targeted customers;
  • Segment the audience to build stronger relationships and personalize offers.

A buyer’s portrait helps you avoid wasting effort and resources on reaching those people who are least likely to become buyers. It helps to better understand what potential customers want, what they need, what fears they have, and what channels they prefer to use to communicate with the brand.

Very often business owners do not know how to correctly draw up a portrait of the customer and assume that their client is a person from 18 to 65. So when it comes to selling a product, there are a lot of questions about what images to use, words and call to action, as 18 year old customers speak and think differently than those over 60.