Call to action

A call to action (CTA), or call to action, is an element that motivates the user to take a certain action. For example, to register, to buy, to subscribe, to leave an application. CTAs come in the form of buttons, links, and pictures.

How to create a CTA

To make a CTA, you need to come up with the text, design, and location of the call to action on the page. Let’s take a closer look at what to look for in each step.

Coming up with the text

To properly formulate a CTA, ask yourself: “What will the visitor get of value when they click on the button.”

One of the most popular ways to write text, complete the phrase “I want…” on behalf of the user: download instructions, get access, buy on promotion.

It’s useful to use time limits (the promo is valid till…) and show no obligations (sign up without credit card data).

Create a design

The most important thing is to make the call to action stands out against the background of the overall design of the site or letter. In this case it will attract the attention of the audience.

There are several ways to emphasize the CTA:

  • Choose a color that contrasts with the colors used on the site.
  • Increase the size of the button. This way it becomes more noticeable and more text will fit on it.
  • Add animation. The main thing is that it was not too intrusive.
  • Free up space around the button. This would emphasize the importance of the button.
  • Use images and arrows to direct the visitor’s eye to the button.

Choose a location

Most often the button is placed on the first screen, or “to the fold line”. And this is no coincidence. According to studies, 80% of the time visitors spend looking at the first screen.

In addition, it is effective to place CTAs on pop-ups – popups.

The main thing here is not to overdo it and choose the right time and trigger to show the window. When a popup pops up in front of your eyes 5 seconds after you visit the site, this is annoying.

Factors that a CTA depends on

The purpose of a call to action is to induce a visitor to take a targeted action. But this action doesn’t have to be related to the purchase of a product or service. Other options are also popular: subscribe to a newsletter, join a social network group, get demo access, order a quote, recommend to friends, write a review.