Optimize website images in few clicks with this free online tool

Reduce image size to improve page speed for free online in few clicks

Want to achieve the fastest page load time? Sure, faster pages are better for your clients, and for Google too! Then you need to optimize your images (read more on why you need optimized images here). Here in the video below I explain how to do it with just a few clicks. In the end […]

How much SEO costs in 2023?

Here is a solid research on how much actually SEO costs in 2023. Based on the research done by Ahrefs this article provides a good insight on what you can expect to spend on SEO based on whom you hire (agency or freelancer), is it a per hour or retainer payment model, etc. TL/DR: https://ahrefs.com/blog/seo-pricing/ […]

Why I choose SiteGround hosting

Choosing a hosting for your new website is a daunting task – you need to compare features prices, decide if a hosting is reliable or not.

In this blog post I save some hours for you by explaining why I choose SiteGround over a dozen of other hosting providers.