External optimization

External optimization of a website is a way to promote a site in search results by building external links.

SEO optimization is divided into internal and external. The first involves working with the technical part of the resource, content and other internal factors. External optimization is aimed at improving external ranking factors, ie online reputation and performance links.

A link is a kind of recommendation. When an authoritative site with high ranking places a link to your resource, it’s as if he tells the search engine: “This page can be trusted, as I do. The more good recommendations, the higher the chance of being on the first page of search results.

What affects the external optimization of the site

External ranking factors describe the web site environment, which is analyzed by search engines. For successful promotion it is necessary to work with the following indicators.

Number of links. The more resources recommend a site, the more authoritative it looks in the eyes of the search engine. To understand how many links you need, analyze your competitors’ pages. However, do not just chase the quantity – quality is much more important. 10 good links is better than 100 links from dubious sources.

Growth rate. Increase the volume gradually and regularly. It looks natural, like the action of real users. Abrupt increase in link mass search engine considers suspicious.

Link traffic. If the page leads to a lot of links, but users do not go to them, the importance of links decreases. Therefore, it is important to be placed on sites with a live, active audience.

The authority of the sources. Links from quality sites that the search engine trusts, help promote. Placing links to resources with low ratings and poor reputation, on the contrary, worsens the ratings of the site being promoted. If the link was there by accident, ask the site owner to remove it.

Consistency of topics. If a user on the culinary forum recommends online store appliances, it looks natural. And the link from the children’s portal to the site of metallurgical company search engine will determine as artificial.

Variety anchor-list. Use anchors that consist of requests of different frequency. The anchor-list should contain different links: with full and direct occurrence of key words, partial and indirect. Specific requirements for links and their optimal ratio are determined individually for each site.

In certain situations, allowed to use natural or unlinked links. They represent the domain of the site or the name of the company.