Hosting is a service for hosting sites. The easiest way to imagine it as a remote server, which contains all the files on the site, permanently connected to the Internet and working around the clock. Hosting owns a host company, with which the owner of the site. These companies are also called hosting providers.

In fact, hosting services – a lease of server capacity from a company that does it professionally. The site is on the servers of the hosting company, the equipment serves, and the resource remains operational. The client pays hosting rent for this, and if necessary, purchase other services.

Administer the site, located on a hosting company, the owner can himself. To do this, the hoster usually gives him a control panel – access to it is in a private office hosting.

What do you need hosts for

Hosting is needed to accommodate sites. Create files and pages can be locally, but to the site appeared in the network, it must be uploaded to the server. Few people have their own servers with sufficient capacity, so enter into it hosters.

Hosting is needed, so that almost all companies and individuals can afford to maintain their site and they would not have to buy their own servers. In addition, it facilitates the work with a resource, provides a personal account for the settings, helps to link the site to the database and performs many other functions. Create the infrastructure of the site without hosting is very difficult and sometimes unsafe.

Hosting services are used by most sites on the Internet. In addition, private developers can rent capacity to test and run local personal projects on them. Some set up in this way the transfer of traffic – a remote server can be used for different purposes. However, it is usually the website owners and companies that create and maintain web resources that deal with web hosting.

Can the site without hosting

Yes, it is possible: some companies use their own data centers. And a small test site can even be run on a local machine. But they do so very rarely, and that’s why.

On the Internet site people are constantly visiting. At him has a serious load. The capacity of the local machine is not enough for such a load, so such a solution would be suitable only for training or a very little-visited resource.

Sufficient power to support a normal medium-or high-load site is difficult and expensive to achieve. Servers need to be located somewhere, they need to be serviced and repaired if necessary, you will need to implement fault tolerance measures for them. The data center itself must also be equipped in a special way. Most companies and people who have sites do not have the money and resources to do this. It is easier and more profitable for them to use hosting.

Large companies, market leaders, usually in the field of information technology, have their own data centers. They can afford to maintain their own servers.