Internal optimization

Internal optimization is a complex of works on improving the quality of the site in accordance with the requirements of search engines and users.

Internal optimization is part of the complex of works on SEO-promotion. It is responsible for internal ranking factors – content, structure and technical properties of a website.

Why do you need internal optimization

The main goal of SEO-optimization is to increase a site’s position in search engines. According to studies, only 9% of users look at the first page of search to the end. The rest are highly likely to click only on sites that appear in the first lines of the search engine.

Therefore, getting a resource in the top of the output gives the company a big competitive advantage.

Optimization can be external or internal. External – affect the web environment resource, its link profile and reputation. Internal involves working directly with the site.

In the process of internal optimization is necessary:

  • eliminate technical errors;
  • fill the site with relevant content;
  • add linking between pages of the site;
  • Improve usability, that is, to ensure ease and convenience for the user;
  • comply with the requirements of search engines for commercial sites.