Personal account

A personal account is a personal page on the site that only one person has access to. He or she can access it from any device with a username and password.

Your profile on social networks, an account on the site of the tax service or Gosuslugi – all these are personal accounts.

Marketplaces and any service where you can pay online are required to have a personal account. This helps keep payment information secure.

Banks, educational services and business platforms (such as mailing lists and website builders) also need a personal account for online access and users’ work in these systems.

Why does a site need a personal account?

Personal account on the site solves three important tasks.

Task 1. It helps us get to know the user better

Any personal account is a mini-database of client data. When you register you are usually asked to enter your e-mail, phone, first name, last name.

Some services go even further and offer users to “get to know each other” – to specify their position, region of residence, age, and personal preferences.

Task 2. Increases customer loyalty

When a user has a personal account, the service becomes more convenient for him. You can get personalized offers, discounts, and accumulate bonuses. You can solve your business tasks and track your progress. You can link your bank card once and pay for goods in one click.

All this is important for the user and motivates him to use the service more often and not to turn to competitors.

Task 3. Helps build marketing

If your customers have personal accounts, you can actively use the power of CRM and end-to-end analytics. Generate personalized offers, set up abandoned carts and reminders of items viewed, send mass emails based on data about the user and their behavior.

You can do all this without a personal account, but then you will only have general analytics. Personal Cabinet will allow you to track the behavior of each user, regardless of his IP-address. This is especially relevant for marketplaces and large online stores.