Thank You Page

A Thank You Page is a page to which a user is redirected after completing a targeted action: purchase, request, newsletter subscription or registration.

Why do we need a Thank You Page?

The main function of the Thank You Page is to thank the user and confirm their action. The person needs to make sure everything worked out: “Thank you for your purchase!”, “You registered for the webinar!”, “Your request was accepted!”.

The thank you page also helps with the following tasks:

Inform users. To tell about the activities of the company, to give instructions for further action, to describe additional features.

To increase sales. Upsale and cross-sale look organic on the page where the seller thanks for the purchase. Offer an improved version of the product you ordered for some extra charge or show related products. This will help raise the average check.

Increase the length of stay on the site. To make the visitor stay longer on the site, place links to useful materials or new articles on the thank you page, which he will be interested to read.

Increase user loyalty. To woo the user, give him something useful and valuable: a checklist, a book, a promo code or a discount on the next purchase.

Attract new subscribers. Offer to subscribe to project news, useful newsletter or social networks.

Increase trust in the company. A thank you page sometimes shares customer testimonials, stories about customer successes.

Find new customers. Ask the user to forward your offer to friends or make a repost in social networks. This works well during promotions and giveaways.

If the user has landed on Thank You Page, it means they are already engaged and showing loyalty. That’s when he’s open to engagement and willing to consider additional offers. Take advantage of this opportunity.

Useful Recommendations

Here are a few recommendations on how to handle the thank you page after the launch.

  • Close it from indexing. This way an unauthorized visitor can’t accidentally get to the Thank You Page.
  • Run A/B tests on all elements to increase conversion rates.
  • Set up analytics. Use Google Analytics to track how many users took the desired action on the Thank You Page.