UI design

UI design (user interface design) is the creation of the visual part of an application or website: screens, buttons, icons. The UI designer makes sure that the product looks nice and uniform.

Why UI design is needed

Design determines the first impression of a product by 94%. This is the conclusion reached by researchers from Austria.

46.1% of users decide whether or not to trust a website based on its design, Stanford researchers found.

59% of users will choose content with beautiful design over content with minimal design. These are the results of a study by Adobe.

The user understands whether he likes the design of the site in 5 milliseconds, it was found out in the Canadian study.

54% of users expect content to look beautiful, Adobe also found.

That is, for a digital product, appearance is just as important as content. Users now expect apps and websites to look beautiful.

UI design is especially important for attracting new customers who know nothing about a company or product. For example, a person is looking for a veterinary clinic to examine his or her pet. The search will give him dozens of sites, among which he should choose one. The design becomes the first filter: the site is outdated or inconvenient – go to the next.

It should be taken into account that users expect a certain level of UI design from sites of different industries or types of businesses. If, for example, all the hair salon websites in a region/country have a very simple or even outdated design, and a new hair salon of the same level makes an absolutely outstanding website with Award-winning UI design, then the average level user will be more suspicious of such a hair salon, assuming that the prices there will also be Award-winning.